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Outside the box pt. 1

   For the not-scared fashion go getters,- it doesn't take a lot to upgrade an outfit that you feel like need some new life.  Add a foxtail to your everyday blazer and pants and see how much it does! If you want to play it more "safe" you can choose a natural fox colour for starters and then later you might feel comfortable trying out a more risky one!  PRO: You only have to add one simple item to make a big difference. CON: In this case i had to assemble it myself (added a chain to a tail bought in a leather-store) 

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Fashion tip #1 : Head to Toe!

       If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe find a nice hat or a good pair of shoes! Put your money into that one item that you really can't afford..., but just buy it anyway!! It will truly benefit you in the long run.   PRO : Last you for a lifetime CON: Whatever you buy is double if you have a wife or a girlfriend! ;)   

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Monday morning, the perfect day for new beginnings! - so let's get this blog-"thingy" going and jump right into it!  Welcome to Mr. And Mrs. Bailey! We strive to not only do haircuts but to give our clients an overall experience on how we interpretate fashion from head to toe! Through this blog we will post about what's going on in the shop, upcoming events, fashion statements and ideas, product testing and advice, and last but not least tips and tricks on how to handle hair! So welcome ladies and gentlemen!      

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